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Match Day Programme Page v Nottingham Forest 17/2/2021

This week Trust Board members Ceri Stone and Terry Sinnett have joined forces to produce the following article for our programme page…..

Yan Dhanda


These are exciting times for both the club and Supporters’ Trust but sadly our progress has been overshadowed by shocking events off the field.

We congratulate the squad for an excellent run of form and in particular Steve Cooper for being named Sky Bet EFL Championship Manager of the Month. We are celebrating real growth in membership as we head into our 20th Anniversary year. However, this week, we need to address the disgraceful treatment of Yan Dhanda on social media.

We have publicly supported Yan and the club. We join our entire community in condemning the vile behaviour of the mindless minority. We abhor racism, discrimination and hate speech in any form. There is no place for it in society, sport or our football club.

We unequivocally support Yan and will actively assist the club and South Wales Police in their investigations. We were pleased to see immediate and positive action from the club and an outpouring of support for Yan from true fans on social media platforms. It is also reminiscent of an incident that Ceri experienced four years ago, where he encountered first-hand experience of this anti-social behaviour. He recalls:

“Saturday 6 May 2017. We produced one of the outstanding performances of our season to beat Everton 1-0 and help stave off the threat of relegation. During the game the man sat directly behind me shouted the most offensive racial epithet towards Idrissa Gueye. I was shocked. I protested and asked him to refrain from the use of such language. The lady sat next to him was braver than I and politely explained to him the error of his ways.

After the game three fans separately reported the incident to the stewards. The club acted swiftly and decisively. They carried out a thorough investigation, interviewed us all and the ‘gentleman’ was banned from the club. “

Ceri was upset at the vile abuse but heartened that the response from the club and supporters was exemplary. We stayed true to our values and showed that we will not tolerate such behaviour. We support Yan and everyone in the wider community that suffer from such abhorrent actions. The authorities must act as decisively and swiftly, as our club did in 2017.

We have three simple starting points:

  1. Proof of identity must be introduced as a necessity to set up a social media account. This removes anonymity and makes it easy to identify culprits.
  2. Greater punishments must be introduced for offenders.
  3. Introduce stricter regulation of social media platforms and firm punishments when they fall short. Take them offline for ignoring offensive behaviour.

The Supporters’ Trust welcomes all people irrespective of gender, race or sexual orientation. We will not tolerate any discriminatory behaviour or hatred to our members or club.

For the ignorant minority it’s time to stop. Enough is enough. You are not welcome in our club.


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