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Match Day Programme Page v Rotherham United 21/11/2020

Ceri Stone

This season, writing of the trust’s programme page is being shared between Trust Board members Ceri Stone and Terry Sinnett. This week Ceri writes…..

Where Two Jacks Saved my Love of the Game

Tuesday 27th October is a day that will live happily in the memory. It is the day that reinforced how much I love this glorious club and our beautiful game.

I am wary to admit that since football had resumed following the first Covid-19 lockdown, I was losing some love for the game. I have been obsessed with football since I could walk, but in recent months that passion had waned.

The Premier League’s obsession with power and wealth leaves a sour taste in the mouth. The introduction of pay per view matches and the efforts of a few clubs to take complete control of our game rankles. The lack of support for the EFL is misguided at best and no doubt there are some clubs who will be left in a perilous state as a result.

This shows a disregard for the grass roots of our sport and for the people who are the backbone of the whole industry, us fans. Above all I really miss watching live football.

Late in October two things happened that reaffirmed my faith.

During an impressive victory over Stoke City, Casey Palmer stood up for a teammate and put in a robust challenge on James Mclean. It was the type of tackle that would have raised the roof had the Liberty been full. It was as important to the game as his late, and very brave, goal that followed. Casey showed a passion that we need in these turbulent times and by fighting for his team he lifted supporters off their armchairs.

This was another sign that we have assembled a young and hungry squad who are prepared to fight for each other. They are exciting to watch and are capable of going a long way this season, setting high standards both on and off the pitch.

Earlier that day I stumbled upon a Tweet from Britney Devilliers, the girlfriend of Morgan Gibbs White. They reached out to the local community and offered food parcels to anyone who was struggling during Lockdown 2. That Tweet was a touch of class. It demonstrated that football is still one big family. More importantly Morgan and Britney are part of our family and they are true Jacks.

It makes you proud to be a Swan. Performances have been positive on the pitch; the players have demonstrated class off it and our Supporters Trust continues to grow.

Membership has grown by more than 35% compared to the 2019/2020 season and there couldn’t be a better time to join and be a part of the success of our club. Membership is still half price until December 31st and 2021 is a time to celebrate as we reach our 20th anniversary.

To learn more about the Trust and become a member just visit www.swanstrust.co.uk and join now to share the passion of representing the Jack Army. The kind of passion that can only be experienced at a rocking Liberty stadium.

A good Casey Palmer tackle will do that for you. Faith restored. YJB.


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