Swansea City Supporters' Trust

Statement by Swansea City Supporters’ Trust

The Swansea City Supporters’ Trust recognises the concerns that many of our members have raised in relation to various aspects of the playing side of the football club. Many of these concerns are shared by the Supporters Trust board and have been formally raised with the majority owners. We are currently in discussions with the majority owners to determine the best way to proceed to resolve those issues and will inform our members of the progress made in the coming days and weeks.

The Supporters Trust firmly believes that the fans have every right to make their views known with regards to all aspects of the running of the football club, and members of the Supporters Trust board engaged in conversation with those taking part in the recent protest before the Brighton game to discuss their grievances. However, whatever the grievances, the Supporters Trust also urges all fans to support the players during the game rather than singling out individuals for criticism.

As our members know, we conducted a Members Consultation during the summer, which resulted in our members accepting an offer to sell up to half our shareholding in the football club. Since then, the respective legal teams have been engaged to complete this process. These discussions are ongoing, however we believe they should be concluded in the next few weeks. As stated during the consultation process, if any elements of the deal are not as originally presented to our members, we will perform a further consultation process with full disclosure to our members before agreeing any deal.

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