Swansea City Supporters' Trust

Statement from the Trust

The Swans’ Trust notes the recent update from Swans’ Chairman Trevor Birch to season ticket holders regarding potential refunds relating to the remainder of the 2019/20, and upcoming 2020/21, seasons.

As the Trust commented in its recent statement, the football industry, like many others, has already, and will continue to be, significantly affected by the current Covid-19 crisis, particularly due to the financial implications of fans being unable to attend games, most likely for the foreseeable future.

We note that many fans are keen to assist the club during this time. As you would expect, particularly during times of crisis, the Trust’s Supporter Director is in frequent dialogue with the club’s management team. A working group has also been set up between the Trust and the Club which has already discussed potential initiatives, and would welcome the input of fans during this time. If anyone has any ideas that could help the club over the coming months then please contact the Trust via social media or email to communications@swanstrust.co.uk and we will raise them in our discussions.

We welcome the comment from Trevor Birch that any potential alternatives to refunds would be optional. We should remember that all sections of society are being impacted at this time, with many people facing their own financial difficulties and as such refunds of money paid must be available to those who choose to take that option.

Whilst we can always rely on the Jack Army to help the club in times of need, it would be unfair on the fans to be the only stakeholder group to do so, and that unique relationship must not be put at risk. We reiterate our call that reductions, not deferrals, to the wages of those earning far beyond the dreams of most fans are fundamental in ensuring the long term financial stability of our club, particularly as we enter a period when revenues are likely to be dramatically impacted.

We also reiterate our call to our fellow shareholders to work with us to find a solution to these, and other, issues. All parties need to work together to ensure our club’s survival in the coming months and beyond.

Swansea City Supporters’ Trust

25th May 2020

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