Swansea City Supporters Trust

“Global Swans” Supporter Group Initiative

During 2019 we recognised that our various affiliated Supporters Groups both locally and across the world would benefit from closer collaboration between themselves, The Trust and the Club.

Did you know there are official and fully affiliated Swans Supporter groups across Wales, UK, Europe, USA and around the world who are always looking for new members? Some of these just have a handful of members but all share the same passion of being part of the amazing Jack Army wherever they live in the world.


If there are other supporters or small groups of Swans fans that would like more information or details of how to set up a new officially recognised Swans Supporter Group this can now be done by visiting the club website https://www.swanseacity.com/news/what-supporters-club and completing the Information Sheet and returning it to the club or the Swans Trust at info@swanstrust.co.uk


A summary of all our active and fully affiliated “Global Swans” Supporter Groups the Swans Trust and the club are actively engaged with at present is as follows:

Disabled Supporters Association (Swans DSA)

Proud Swans

Wales & UK


Thanks to the support of the club in early 2021 the “Global Swans” Supporter Groups initiative is now accelerating and a small working group meet up with the club every month to discuss and move forward with a number of proposals designed to aid our “Global Swans” and members of our Supporter Groups across the world. 


The Swans Trust also regularly update all of our Supporter Groups with the outcome of these meetings and also encourage feedback and ideas of how we can help you still further by emailing us at info@swanstrust.co.uk


Please visit the Supporter Group website pages for the very latest news and developments concerning our “Global Swans” across the world. 

And even if you aren’t a member of any current affiliated Supporter Groups you can still become part of the “Global Swans” family just by emailing your details to info@swanstrust.co.uk 


Finally for those of you on Social Media the #GlobalSwans initiative now has the following accounts:

If you would like any more information or would like the Swans Trust to help you set up a new Supporter Group anywhere in the world then just send us an email to info@swanstrust.co.uk