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Statement on Huw Jenkins

Huw Jenkins Awards Dinner 2015

The Swans’ Trust notes the resignation of Huw Jenkins. Mr Jenkins deserves credit for his part in the Swans’ rise to the Premier League and for that the Trust thanks him.

However on the occasion of his resignation we must also point out, once again, his involvement in the way the sale of the football club to its current owners was conducted, as well as the continuing negative impact of that sale. It is also important to remember Mr Jenkins’s culpability for the disastrous transfer dealings of the past three seasons, which are the main reason the club is in its current position. For these reasons, change was inevitable and necessary. History will decide Huw Jenkins’ place in the annals of Swansea City.

The Trust also notes the club owners’ pledge to work with the Trust to identify Mr Jenkins’ replacement. The Trust remains prepared to talk to the club’s owners about any subject at any time.

The Swans Trust Team

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