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Supporter Director Update – June 2022

Earlier this week our Supporter Director Terry Sinnett provided an update to our members on recent Trust work, his meetings with the club board and Chief Executive Julian Winter and our upcoming Trust elections.

Extracts of that release are now available for all supporters below.

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It’s just over 6 weeks since the Swans last game in the Championship and the squad are back into work. The summer breaks certainly aren’t the same as they were in years gone by, not that we are complaining!

I am sure the Jack Army have reflected on last season and the what if’s have been thought through and discussed in detail. We finished the season just below mid table and at one time we threatened to break into the playoff places. Unfortunately, a string of four drawn games, and losses in the last two games, put paid to those hopes.

What is certain is that we saw glimpses of the return to the ‘Swansea Way’ of playing, with some very high-quality football played. That augers well for the coming season and every fan is waiting at their phone or device to hear of transfer activity that will shape our future squad.

We know there will be turnover of players, which will help us further evolve into a squad of Russell Martin’s making. This transition will give us all hope that we can mount a serious challenge for the playoffs as a minimum, with promotion to the promised land of the Premier League the ultimate prize.

The next few weeks will be very interesting as the transfer activity unfolds, and we have already seen a few players through the door to strengthen the squad. We welcome Nathan Wood, Wasiri Williams and Harry Darling to our club and city. We look forward to seeing them in action in the coming season.

Last week saw the launch of next season’s kits and as always there was much interest and comment on the colours and styles. The fixture list has also now been published and I’m sure you have had your red pens ready to circle the key dates in the calendar.

As far as the Trust is concerned, work carries on through the summer in the lead up to the new season.

We recently announced details of the annual elections for Trust members wishing to join the Trust Board next season. If you are a current Trust member more details including the procedure and application forms can be found here:

Trust Board Elections 2022 – Swansea City Supporters Trust (swanstrust.co.uk)

We have already received expressions of interest and further questions so we thought it would be useful to share them in a short Elections Q&A we have prepared for members.

I would urge any Trust member who feels they can contribute to the running and work of the Trust to apply, bearing in mind that the deadline for returning the Nomination Forms needs to be received by mail at our Registered Office, or by email to the Trust Secretary, on or before Friday 1st July.

We welcome fresh ideas and perspectives and look forward to seeing the applications come in.

Club Board Meeting

Sian Davies, our Associate Director, and I attended our second Club Board meeting on the 31st May and here are some notes from that meeting that I thought I’d share with you.

Present were Julian Winter, Gareth Davies and ourselves at the stadium, with Jason Levien, Jake Silverstein, Martin Morgan, Sam Porter and Bobby Hernreich joining via Teams.

Gareth Davies presented the club’s latest financial information and confirmed the imminent formal issue of new share certificates to reflect the recent settlement agreement.

Julian Winter gave brief details of the club’s strategy and planning review which is still work in progress. Details of the Summer 2022 transfer window plans were provided.

He confirmed that Josh Marsh had been appointed as the new Head of Football Operations, and that the club continues to support and is in regular dialogue with Swansea City Ladies FC.

I had been requested in advance to provide the board with an update on the Trust’s activities, and here you can see a copy of my Swans Trust Report to Club Board – May 2022

Throughout last season I have regularly given a resume of the monthly meetings that Sian and I have with club CEO, Julian Winter. The following summary covers our recent meetings.

Before our last meeting on 1st June, we met Josh Marsh, the new Head of Football Operations. We had a brief chat, welcoming him to the club and the area, and wishing him the best of luck.

Transfer Window – Julian confirmed plans are in place to continue the development of the squad for the coming season and gave us some insight into the strategies and plans.

Safe Standing/Fan Behaviour – lots of work to be done here.

The football authorities are looking to licence more safe standing areas at football grounds, and we continue to be involved in discussions with the club on how best to deal with this sensitive issue.

The costs for providing ‘safe standing’ are significant for a very small increase in perceived spectator safety. Is our money better spent in the transfer market?

Julian is engaged with the EFL and is endeavouring to get an agreed and workable policy agreed throughout the leagues.

Digital Archive – work is ongoing. The plan is to migrate the existing ‘Swans 100’ site to the club’s website. The prospective supplier of the archive has been put in touch with the curator of the Swans100 site, and cost estimates for moving the project along will be provided soon.

Vetch Gates – These are located at the Swansea.com stadium and I have asked what can be done to integrate them into the Stadium.

Naming Rights – discussions are ongoing to recognise former legends on stands/bars etc within the stadium.

Fan Forums – it is intended to have regular club forums across the fanbase area and attended by RM and his coaching team, wherever possible.

Update: The latest of these took place last week and was a collaborative event between the club and the Trust. It was designed to improve the match day experience of fans and attended by Julian Winter, Rebecca Edwards-Symmons, Gareth Davies, Russell Martin from the club, members of the Trust board and a good number of fans, who had applied to attend.

A number of ideas were discussed, and the club and the Trust will continue working on ideas that were brought up, in the coming weeks and months.

Trust Address – we are looking to use the Stadium for our postal address from next season and a safe and secure system is being investigated. This would provide easier access to collect incoming mail to the Trust.

Trust POD – We are intending to have our POD overhauled during the close season, including new signage.

Ladies Team – Julian confirmed the club continues to support the ladies’ team in many ways and has regular dialogue with its management. With the continued growth in ladies’ football, might we see the 2 Welsh clubs (Swansea and Cardiff) joining the English League in the future?

Swiss Rambler Report – Julian suggested it was a good and fair review of the last set of club accounts.

Trust Membership – Sian requested the clubs help in promoting our new season’s membership campaign, by providing links etc from our own SM campaigns etc. and sending an email to all ST holders encouraging them to join the Trust.

£20 Away Tickets – Sian brought up this issue. Reading, for example, will only offer away fans £20 tickets if the away club reciprocates and Sian asked if the club would reciprocate. Julian stated that this was on the agenda for the next SMT meeting.

Programmes – we have discussed the possibility of reintroducing printed match day programmes. Given the poor uptake of orders for the full season printed programmes, the return of match day programmes is very unlikely. The club will continue printing the smaller fold up match sheets for the foreseeable future. The digital version of a full programme continues to be developed and is available free to fans online.

We meet at least monthly and if you have any questions that you would like us to discuss with Julian, please email us at info@swanstrust.co.uk and we will endeavour to revert to you as soon as possible

I mentioned above some of the projects and initiatives the Trust are involved in and developing. One of those is the Supporter Group Project.

The Trust forms part of a working group made up of local and worldwide Swans supporters, and representatives of the club. The group meet up every month and have recently prepared a short survey for completion by our fans and supporters, particularly those living further afield from the Swansea area.

If you’d like to take part in the survey, which only takes a few moments to complete, please do so here:

UK & Global Swans Survey (surveymonkey.co.uk)

The above represents some of the work undertaken by your Trust Board which I hope you find interesting. The Board is made up of volunteers who give up their own time to help promote the aims of The Trust, in the interests of its members the wider fan base, and the club, that we all love and support through thick and thin.

Our new membership season starts on the 1st August, and I hope you will continue your fantastic support of the organisation run by the fans, for the fans.

Enjoy your summer and keep the faith!

Terry Sinnett

Swansea City Supporters’ Trust

24th June 2022

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